Wi-Fi/Celluler Auto Download Technology Anytime, anywhere, from any device


Stay ahead of the curve with Fortress Mobile WiFi and Cellular auto download technology, the smart network coverage for the ultimate in fleet vehicle management. Fortress Mobile provides automatic file retrieval systems using Wireless and Cellular technology.

Wi-Fi Auto Download

Videos and vehicle data can be downloaded using a Wireless Network Infrastructure. All Fortress Mobile DVR’s installed on the bus have built-in WiFi module. The vehicles will connect to the WiFi network in the bus lot when they are turned-on and getting prepared for use before they leave the staging area. The vehicle will also ping (communicate) with the server when they return home from their route. When the vehicle pins to the cloud server it will communicate the vehicle ID, status of marked video and audio files and the health of the DVR system, as they enter WiFi enabled lots.

Cellular Auto Download

Videos and vehicle data can also be downloaded using a Cellular Network. All Fortress Mobile DVR’s installed on the bus have built-in Cellular module. The vehicles will communicate to the server during operations and automatic upload video, audio, and metadata from route. If an emergency happens and the bus operator activates the panic button, the marked video and audio files, vehicle ID, will be automatically uploaded from the in-services vehicle to the server. Authorized users will get instant notification from the server for the marked emergency event and users can access to real-time video, audio, and GPS and metadata.