TAXI Camera

TAXI Camera

As a taxi driver or taxi fleet supervisor, a surveillance system is necessary to supervise the ride. One example of a functional Taxi surveillance system is the dashboard camera or most commonly called “dash cams”.

Most dash cameras are setup as impact or event recorders and do not always record the entire ride. Many of these basic systems record constantly but only save video data when an impact occurs, or an event that is triggered with a momentary switch that is activated by the driver.

The Fortress Mobile NOVA A4D DVR is a great alternative to the standard dash cams that we see in the industry. This DVR records and saves video throughout the entire day to assure that nothing is missed if video needs to be reviewed.

Additionally this DVR can log impactful events or events triggered by the driver with an Incident Response button. When paired with the Fortress Mobiles SureBus™ Fleet Management Solution, these events can be immediately uploaded to the cloud through cellular, or uploaded over Wi-Fi when the vehicle returns to the yard. This way supervisors can view events immediately after they’ve occurred or at the end of a shift.

SureBus™ Cloud Platform

With the Fortress SureBus™ Fleet Management suite, supervisors have the ability to view the location of all vehicles in real-time, stream live video, download video on demand over Wi-Fi or cellular, and generate digital vehicle inspection reports (DVIR). It also provides user access to route scheduling, smart reports, historical route data, and immediate alert notifications.
SureBus™ can be configured to provide supervisors with real-time alerts direct to an email or cell phone; and with our live streaming feature, supervisors can view events and vehicle operations in real-time from a mobile device or computer. This gives supervisors the ability to react to situations in real-time and better determine the safest course of action for drivers and passengers if an incident occurs.
Protect your drivers and assets with the Fortress Mobile NOVA DVR and our SureBus™ fleet management solution today!

Mobile & Web Cloud Platform

Web & Mobile Cloud Platform

Dual Analog Camera

Dual Head Camera

NOVA DVR Features

  • -Passenger monitoring
  • -Video proof for accident review
  • -Document unsafe driving habits
  • -Prevent Fraud
  • -Historic GPS
HD Analog Camera

HD Analog Camera



SureBus - Additional Features

  • -Live GPS
  • -Real-time alerts
  • -Live Video Streaming
  • -Two-way Comm
  • -Alarms & Notification Alerts
  • -Smart Reports
  • -Connected 247 with Mobile App
  • -Digital Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR)