Snowplow Camera with CAM-WASH system

Manage your snowplows easily and effectively with our all-in-one solution,the SureBus™ Fleet Management Platform: NOVA DVR, interior/exterior cameras, and Cam-Wash system.

  • Mobile surveillance camera systems interior & exterior
  • Cam-Wash camera cleaning system, get the best view in inclement weather conditions
  • Live Video Streaming and Live GPS
  • Wi-Fi and on-demand cellular video download
  • Real-time accident alerts & easy sharing capabilities

Our NOVA A4D DVR supports up to 4 interior or exterior cameras that record up to 30 FPS per channel. Its rugged, fanless design and customizable features make this DVR ready for any vehicle type and in any industry.

SureBus™ Cloud Platform

Web & Mobile Cloud Platform

HD Analog Camera

Dual Head Camera


Stay connected 24/7 with your fleet at the office or on the go.
View the location of your vehicles, stream live video, download video on demand over cellular, and download video over Wi-Fi all with the Fortress Mobile SureBus™ Fleet Management Suite. This platform also provides user access to route scheduling, smart reports, historical route data, and much more.
No more guessing with real-time alerts and easy sharing capabilities.
If something goes wrong, our SureBus™ platform transmits real-time vehicle alerts right to your smartphone or tablet. Easily share password-protected video clips to anyone with a web browser in seconds with no additional software needed.
Keep your camera lens free of any salt, dirt or road debris with Cam-Wash.
Keeping your cameras clean is as easy as pushing a button. A single button is used to wash the cameras with high pressure washer fluid and air. Additionally, the viewing monitor can be used as a backup monitor for added safety.