Highly Customizable

Fortress Mobile’s school bus camera solution provides school systems with a very reliable, robust and comprehensive student & driver management tracking system. First on the market with a high resolution school bus camera solution, Fortress Mobile offers a complete solution to protecting children on your school bus fleet.

School Bus Onboard Surveillance

Stop-arm Enforcement

School Bus Fleet Management

Full HD Imaging

The full HD 1080p imaging of our school bus camera solution is unmatched in the industry. With the clarity of the video and the quality of the audio, users will have access to create video clips and images with facial masking, to share with other authorized users. The solution includes up to 16 channel interior cameras + 8 channel stop arm HD cameras.

Live Streaming

Our built-in Wifi + GPS + cellular allows fleet managers to view and download real-time school bus on-board or stop arm video & data anytime from anywhere. It allows fleet managers know what is happening on the bus and get everything in control in any emergency. Users can view students/driver behaviors on the bus and catch stop-arm violations occurring outside the bus, all from one complete cloud platform.

GPS Tracking

Live GPS Tracking technology allows you to track vehicles’ location – without needing to dispatch the driver via phone calls, providing accurate information of when/where the bus will arrive, to managers, dispatchers, drivers, and parents. You or the parents would not wonder where is the school bus or where the students are, thus reducing parent/dispatcher phone calls.