Highly Customizable

Fortress Mobile offers the most integrated, cutting edge, mobile surveillance camera systems in the mass transit marketplace for bus, para transit and rail systems. Our integrated safety surveillance technology protects passengers, drivers, and your fleet assets, and provides convincing visual evidence to law enforcement.

Full HD Imaging

Ultra HD resolution provides the most convincing visual evidence of any bad behaviors, ascertain fault in the case of an accident, and reduce agency’s risk related to insurance claims.

Live Streaming

Real-time monitoring improves safety and security of your passengers, drivers, fleet assets, and protect your agency when incidents both on the road and inside the trolley occur.

GPS Tracking

Instantly find the bus location in any accident, and get information from a vehicle any time it’s operational through wifi+cell auto download. All data can be accessed via smart phone and desktop.

Transit Onboard Safety

Onboard surveillance technology allows ensure positive driver behaviors, compliance with government regulations, and improve both driver and passenger’s safety, and provide solid evidence in any emergent event.

Transit Fleet Management

The cloud based fleet management system increases your operational efficiencies by adding vehicle health monitoring, fleet operation data report, driver performance analysis, even arrival notification to your passengers via smart phone.

Auto Download

The smart network coverage for the ultimate in fleet vehicle management. The automatic file retrieval systems using Wireless and Cellular technology allow transit managers to log on instantaneously and view incidents as they occur, or soon thereafter, without manually pull out hard drives in each bus lot.