Understanding Camera Angles

Internal Cameras

Our most popular camera design is an Eye-Ball Camera residing in a Vandal-Proof Dome built in 12- gauge solid steal with powder coated paint. This camera can be used in most internal vehicle applications. This Vandal-Proof Dome Camera has 24 Infra-Red LED’s on the 3.6MM, 6MM & 8MM Cameras and 12 Infra-Red LED’s on the 2.5MM lens camera providing crisp and clear recordings for day and night time environments.

The camera is equipped with a hidden microphone for audio recordings as well. The Microphone has an embedded filter to drastically reduce the recording of engine humming and hissing.  The camera uses a Sony 1/3” High-Resolution lens with 520TVL.  Cameras used to record the exterior vehicle video usually use lenses ranging from 8mm to 25mm.  The lower millimeter cameras will have a wider area of focus and larger millimeter cameras will have a crisper picture on more distant objects with a more narrow area of focus.

Ours lens options start at 2.5mm ranging up to 8mm for this style camera used for internal surveillance. Depending on the desired camera location, we will provide the best lens option for optimal video recording and viewing.  All cameras have Auto White Balancing technology built-in. These cameras have an adjustable pan and tilt lens for optimal viewing angles.  A hidden audio microphone is embedded in the camera.  The audio has a filter to reduce surrounding engine and vibrational noises.

Internal Cameras Specs



Internal Cameras Angles

 Typical camera locations that we routinely use to install in School Buses and Transit buses are listed below:

  This camera’s intent is to record the activities on the entire vehicle from the front facing back. The usual camera lens will be a 6MM or 8MM. Using the 6MM or 8MM lens focus is too narrow to capture the Bus Operator or Stairwell. If a Mid Cabin Camera is installed, using a 3.6MM camera is a good option.  
  This camera is mounted by the driver to capture people entering and exiting the vehicle.  Some districts want this angle specifically for stairwell events, but another purpose of this camera angle is to monitor the drivers’ behavior and interaction with passengers.  The best lens for this camera location is a 2.5MM for its wide angle view capabilities.
  This camera is mounted in the mid cabin area and directed toward the rear of the vehicle. This provides another vantage point on passengers furthest from operator’s supervision.  The best lens for this camera location is a 3.6MM lens providing further focus than a 2.5MM lens and better wide angle view than a 6MM.
  This camera is mounted in the rear of the cabin to view the behavior of students furthest from the Bus Drivers attention. This camera is mounted at a downward angle to see into the last two rows. The best lens for this camera location is a 2.5MM for its wide angle view capabilities.


Popular Cameras Angles

Fortress Mobile aims to provide the best camera angles for your desired location. This helps identify and define small details that may be of concern on the vehicle. We offer customized positioning of our cameras. The following document includes popular camera configurations for our system:

Popular Camera Angles PDF